The Journal of Parapsychology

A semiannual journal of experimental research results in the field of parapsychology. Published by the Rhine Research Center in Durham, NC.

Articles from Vol. 60, No. 2, June

Evaluation of a Conventional Interpretation of Helmut Schmidt's Automated Precognition Experiments
Among the strongest bodies of evidence for psi anomalies are the ESP and PK experiments of Helmut Schmidt in which electronic random event generators (REGs) were used. Palmer (1985) found that 25 of 33 experimental series (76%) yielded results significant...
Exploring Possible Sender-to-Experimenter Acoustic Leakage in the PRL Autoganzfeld Experiments
Bem and Honorton (1994) have recently presented data that appear to support the existence of psi. These data are based on a set of parapsychology experiments known as the ganzfeld studies. The initial section of Bern and Honorton's paper summarized a...
Security Measures in an Automated Ganzfeld System
As parapsychological testing procedures produce successful results, they attract increasingly sophisticated levels of criticism, including criticism of their security aspects. Safeguards against fraud or deviation from protocol are often challenged with...
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