The Journal of Parapsychology

A semiannual journal of experimental research results in the field of parapsychology. Published by the Rhine Research Center in Durham, NC.

Articles from Vol. 72, Spring-Fall

Mind Matters: A New Scientific Era
I am an optimist, the sort we call incorrigible. So for those who know me, there should be no surprise at my title and theme. There is no question in my mind that what we do in our sometimes beleaguered bailiwick is research that provides insight into...
Psychedelic Substances and Paranormal Phenomena: A Review of the research/Substancias Psicodelicas Y Fenomenos Paranormales: Una Revision De la investigacion/Psychedelische Substanzen Und Paranormale Phanomene: Eine forschungsubersicht/Les Substances Psychadeliques et Phenomenes Paranormaux : Une Revue De la Recherche
Experimental efforts to investigate the apparent paranormal effects of psychoactive drugs began with simple stimulants and depressants such as caffeine, amphetamine, and alcohol (e.g., Huby & Wilson, 1961; Rhine, 1934), and has been reviewed elsewhere...
Relations between ESP and Memory in Light of the First Sight Model of Psi/ Relaciones Entre la PES Y la Memoria a la Luz De El Modelo "First Sight' De Psi/ Beziehungen Zwischen ASW Und Gedachtnis Im Licht Des Modells Vom Ersten Blick/ Les Relations E Ntre ESP et la Memoire Par Rapport Au Premier Modele Visuel De Psi
During a roughly 20-year period beginning in 1967, the problem of the relation between memory and ESP was a relatively active research topic for our small field, with over 40 studies accumulating. There were many different operations used for both...
The Finger-Reading Effect with Children: Two Unsuccessful replications/El Efecto De Lectura Por Los Dedos Con Ninos: Dos Replicaciones Sin exito/Der Effekt Des Lesens Mit Den Fingern Bei Kindern: Zwei Nichterfolgreiche replikationen/L'effect De Lecture Digitale Avec Les Enfants : Deux Reproductions Sans Succes
The present study was designed to replicate the finger-reading effect (Lee, 1998, 1999, 2002, 2003; Lee & Chang, 2001; Lee, Chen, & Tang, 2000; Lee, Tang, & Kuo, 2004; Tang, Lee, & Hsu, 2000). The author's previous finger-reading studies...
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