The Journal of Parapsychology

A semiannual journal of experimental research results in the field of parapsychology. Published by the Rhine Research Center in Durham, NC.

Articles from Vol. 66, No. 3, September

Content Analysis of an Anomalous Experience Collection: Evaluating Evolutionary Perspectives
Darwin's theory of evolution argues that species originate through natural selection. For example, genes that allow an organism to perceive and escape predators will be passed on to future generations more frequently. If genes permitting psi help...
Perceptual Defensiveness and ESP Performance: Reconstructed DMT Ratings and Psychological Correlates in the First German DMT-ESP Experiment
The persistent difficulty in coming up with experimental findings with an acceptable degree of replicability has remained the most important serious criticism of parapsychology. For several years ESP experiments done with the Ganzteld technique...
Psi, Perception without Awareness, and False Recognition
Comparisons between psi and perception without awareness (hence-forth PWA) (1) have been made throughout the history of parapsychology. Frederick Myers (1903) was perhaps the first researcher to suggest a relationship between the paranormal and...
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