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Articles from Vol. 34, No. 2, Summer

A New Generation of Corporate Codes of Ethics
In the early part of this decade, the business community in the United States was rocked by a series of corporate scandals. Companies such as Enron, Phar-Mor, Cendant, Tyco, Waste Management, Adelphia, Sunbeam, and Worldcom regularly made headlines as...
Implementation of Rubrics in an Upper-Level Undergraduate Strategy Class
Measurement, analysis, and feedback are necessary for improvement. In business one of the most hackneyed expressions is "you get what you measure." Measurement and feedback are also critically important from an academic perspective, and it has received...
Innovation and the Path Not Traveled
The search for metrics to accurately and compre- hensively evaluate the value of innovation has occupied researchers and managers since Schumpeter (1934) identified it as an engine of organizational growth. The ability to quantify this value was limited...
Unresolved Tax Issues in Viatical and Life Settlements
Viatical and life1 settlements refer to the ownership transfer of a life insurance contract for valuable consideration. These settlements provide seller liquidity and investor return that has little corre- lation with other asset classes and investment...
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