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Articles from Vol. 28, No. 2, Spring

Order Handling Rules and Block Trade Execution on NASDAQ
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEG) required NASDAQ to alter its trading rules in early 1997. The new rules, collectively referred to as the Order Handling Rules (OHR), resulted from the SEG's investigation into the market-making practices of...
Practical Assessment of the Economic Impact of Healthcare Investment: A Case Study Approach
For years, academics and practitioners have argued the social need and benefits of healthcare spending. Economists and medical researchers question the value of such spending, claiming small marginal benefits to the population's health relative to costs....
The Acquisition Process Map: Blueprint for a Successful Deal
In January 1999, The Economist reported that the first $100 billion merger would soon occur ("How to Make Mergers Work," 1999). In January 2000, Business Week covered AOL's $183 billion bid for Time-Warner ("Welcome to the 21^sup st^ Century," 2000)....
Ukraine's Developing Mortgage Market
Background on the MarketThe conditions for a mortgage market began with the privatization of housing at the time of the breakup of the Soviet Union. Ukrainians could privatize the apartments or houses in which they had registered residence by filling...
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