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Articles from Vol. 28, No. 1, 2002

A High Stakes Game of Risk for the Independent Auditor
The recent collapse of Enron Corporation has brought the subjects of white collar crime (WCC) and fraudulent financial reporting (FFR) to the forefront of our national headlines. Among the allegations leveled at Enron Corporation were numerous types...
A Note on International Business Growth in U. S. Multinational Firms
During the last decade of the 20th century, discussion regarding the "globalization" of the U. S. economy was common. The discussions ranged from the "unlimited potential of foreign markets" to "the disastrous loss of American jobs." Using a sample of...
The Proliferation of "Special" Accounting Items: A Threat to Corporate Credibility
Allegations of earnings management have persisted an academic literature and the business press for many years. However, researchers' attempts to document management interference with the financial reporting process have yielded mixed results. The business...
Virtual Teaming Has Come to Stay-Guidelines and Strategies for Success
The team movement has swept the corporate and business world. By 2005, more organizations will integrate multilocation work with new ways of conducting collaborative work in both electronic and physical spaces (Frankel, 1998). The network, not the pyramid,...
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