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Articles from Vol. 36, No. 2, 2011

A Framework for Installing Innovation into a Small Enterprise
The key to innovation is creativity, which like a widely-used idiom is more intuitively understood than defined.Torrance, an eminent psychologist, defined creatively asa process of being sensitive to problems, deficiencies, gaps in knowledge, missing...
Alumni Altruism: Added Value from Retired Employees
Organizations desiring to add value can leverage support from former employees. A qualitative, triangulated study of 317 professors of military science of U.S. Army ROTC battalions found an elevated sense of altruism on the part of alumni. Results and...
Consumers' Evaluation of Brand Extensions: An Application of Multiple-Group Causal Models in Assessing Cross Product Category Measurement Equivalence
Brand extensions are among the most important and popular strategies followed by the companies in recent days. A major part of brand value stems from its contribution to launching a new product in the market. Brand extension is the "use of established...
Creating an Awareness and Understanding of Business and Cultural Environments through the Integration of Classic Literature and Film into Traditional Course Work
A consensus among business educators is course work must move beyond merely teaching students the skills of conducting specific functions. It must also address professional relationships and effective communication in accomplishing results with peers...
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