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Articles from Vol. 32, No. 2, 2007

Early Nineteenth Century Accounting by an Adolescent Merchant
In the United States (U.S.) in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, current accounting practice was "rooted in the seaport cities" (Previts & Merino, 1998]. During this period of mercantile capitalism, trade from U.S. seaports with the...
How Industrial Relations Informs the Teaching of Ethics in Human Resource Management
Most people want to do the "right thing." This is true in business as well as in life. It is the duty of business educators to provide a framework for students and peers to judge the operational, legal, and ethical rigor of managerial decisions. This...
Management Entrenchment in the Market for Corporate Control
Acquisitions have become a major growth strategy during the last couple of decades. Although almost all acquiring companies allege creation of value for their shareholders is the driving motive for their acquisition attempts, most acquiring companies...
The Economic Impact of the Recycling Industry in South Carolina
That recycling is beneficial for the environment is a widely held view. The econo- mic potential of recycling, however, is not well known. The purpose of our research is to measure the contribution recycling activities make to the economic health of...
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