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Articles from Vol. 25, No. 2, 2000

Organizational Culture: An Examination of Its Effect on the Internalization Process and Member Performance
Organizational culture permeates organizational life in such a way as to influence every aspect of the organization (Saffold, 1988). There are many examples of recognizable organizational cultures in the United States. General Motors, IBM, and I. E....
Representation of Women Executives in Economic Development Organizations: A Longitudinal Analysis in the South
Economic development organizations (EDOs) are groups of business leaders who seek to improve the climate for business in their domains through such activities as the protection of existing industries, the attraction of new industries and companies, and...
The 1985 Federal Vertical Restraints Guidelines: Requiescat in Pace
Antitrust is a prohibiting set of arrangements-laws, courts, and enforcement agencies-that indicate the "rules of the game" designed for business decision makers to follow in their quest for profits or other goals. However, these three arrangements may...
Why We Buy the Science of Shopping
Do you ever wonder if others react in the same way that you do to what they find in a store? Wouldn't it be interesting to have some way of knowing how others view the retail shopping experience and, if you are a retailer, wouldn't it be nice to know...
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