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Articles from Vol. 31, No. 2, 2006

Coffee, Tea, or Me? Romance and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
In the age of high powered lawsuits and the largest bankruptcy in U. S. history, companies cannot afford a misstep. Some of the larger settlements and newsworthy events continue to involve cases of romance and sexual harassment. One such example is the...
Private Accounts and Social Security: The Issue of Risk
Proposals to allow individuals to establish "private accounts" with a portion of their Social Security withholding have generated intense debate. Whether such accounts are proposed as an alternative to, or an integral part of Social Security, the arguments...
The Paramour Problem Returns: A Smoking Bed?
A decade and a half ago, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued a Policy Guidance statement (EEOC 1990) dealing with potential employer liability under Title VII (42 United States Code § 2000e-1 et seq.) for "sexual favoritism," what is sometimes...
Workplace Theft: A Proposed Model and Research Agenda
Agreement is widespread that theft in the workplace is a serious problem (Greenberg, 2002, Weber, Kurke & Pentico, 2003). While employee theft has always been costly to businesses, the enhanced security climate in more recent times has made this...
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