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Articles from Vol. 22, No. 2, July

Constructing Youth: Reflecting on Defining Youth and Impact on Methods
Introduction \ chool libraries serve both the youth - the students who attend the school, and adults - the teachers who work there. Research on issues that impact school libraries therefore can focus on a variety of contexts, including the school librarian,...
Inquiry Based Learning Models, Information Literacy, and Student Engagement: A Literature Review
IntroductionDespite growing recognition that creativity and innovation are necessary aptitudes for successful and satisfied adult citizens (AASL, 2007; Henderson, 2008; Partnership for the 21st Century, 2013; Zhao, 2012), research shows these skills...
Professional Learning Facilitators in 1:1 Program Implementation: Technology Coaches or School Librarians?
IntroductionSchool In 2012, the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SEDTA), an association of state and national leaders working to improve education through technology, published a report entitled Out of Print: Reimagining the K-12 Textbook...
School Libraries in New Zealand as Technology Hubs: Enablers and Barriers to School Librarians Becoming Technology Leaders
IntroductionThe rollout of broadband in New Zealand was facilitated in large part by the government's UltraFast Broadband Initiative (UFBI), a public-private partnership to create a fibre optic network delivering download speeds of up to 100Mbps (megabits...
Where Are We Going? Where Have We Been?
This issue is a wonderful mashup of research reports, literature reviews, research in progress and think pieces.Mary Ann Harlan asks us to contemplate the many questions that structure our research on and with young people. Constructing Youth: Reflecting...
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