Law and Policy in International Business

Articles from Vol. 32, No. 4, Summer

Recent Amendments to the Commercial Code of Japan: Impact on Mergers & Acquisitions
I. INTRODUCTION Effective October 1, 1999, the Commercial Code of Japan ("the Code") was amended to permit Japanese companies to effect corporate acquisitions and reorganizations by means of a "stock swap." (1) The new stock swap system was widely...
Struggling to Teethe: Japan's Antitrust Enforcement Regime
I. INTRODUCTION On February 22, 2000, Commissioner Shogo Itoda of the Fair Trade Commission (JFTC), Japan's independent antitrust enforcement agency, asserted that the JFTC "barks loudly and bites violators hard." (1) The JFTC's literature and leadership...
Technology Licensing under Japanese Antitrust Law
I. INTRODUCTION Japanese antitrust law is a matter of remarkably keen interest in the United States. It has been a subject of Presidential summit meetings, (1) Congressional hearings, (2) official reports, (3) and considerable commentary. (4) On...
The Somewhat Less Reluctant Litigant: Japan's Changing View towards Civil Litigation
Ever since Professor Haley's insightful article The Myth of the Reluctant Litigant, (1) students of Japanese law have suggested various reasons for the marked difference in litigation rates between the United States and Japan. (2) Some maintain that...
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