Law and Policy in International Business

Articles from Vol. 29, No. 4, Summer

Foreign Direct Investment and Legal Constraints on Domestic Environmental Policies: Striking a "Reasonable" Balance between Stability Change
I. INTRODUCTION The interplay between foreign direct investment (FDI) and sustainable development is increasingly becoming the object of research and debate.(1) Pursuant to the explosive growth of FDI in recent years,(2) and the rising share of...
ISO 14000 and Environmental Cost Accounting: The Gateway to the Global Market
I. INTRODUCTION Increasingly complex and comprehensive regulations(1) designed to state the end result to be accomplished by industries and then provide for civil, criminal, administrative, and citizen enforcement of those goals have dominated the...
The Role of Private Banks in Promoting Sustainable Development, from outside Counsel's Perspective
I. INTRODUCTION A lawyer advising a financial institution in any type of financing does not and should not concern himself (unless the client asks him to) with whether the activity being financed will have a beneficial or a deleterious effect on...
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