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Articles from Vol. 9, No. 1, Fall

A Fair Chance in the Race of Life: Thoughts on the 150th Anniversary of the Founding of the Columbia Institution
ON THE FOURTH OF JULY 1861, President Abraham Lincoln delivered his first message to the United States Congress, which he had called into special session to deal with the Civil War that had begun three months earlier. Explaining what the North was fighting...
A Lexical Comparison of Signs from Icelandic and Danish Sign Languages
TO DATE, NO COMPARISON of the sign languages of Denmark and Iceland has been made, despite anecdotal reports of lexical similarity in the literature.1 Before 1867 deaf children born in Iceland were sent to Denmark to be educated - this practice, together...
Posting Mabel
Postcard I : Calling the DeadDear Mabel:I confess, I have found my way to you through your husband, Alexander Graham Bell. I suspect I am not the only one who met or wrote you through this channel. Your presence first appeared to me in a poem I once...
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