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Articles from Vol. 18, No. 1, Fall

Equitable Access: Examining Information Asymmetry in Reverse Redlining Claims through Critical Race Theory
I. Introduction 101II. Reverse-Redlining Claims 103A. Evidence that Minority Borrowers Suffered More, the Fair Housing Act, and Reverse-Redlining Plaintiffs 103B. Varying Tests Adopted for Stating a Reverse-Redlining Claim 105C. Recommendations for Judges...
Finding the Sweet Spot: Deference in Redistricting
I. Introduction 122II. Competing Ideals 124A. Merits of Deference 125B. Concerns About Deference 126III. overarching considerations 128A. When Does the Deference Question Arise? 128B. Upham v. Seamon and Perry v. Perez 130C. Should All Legislative Policies...
Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights Letter from the Editor
Dear Reader,Civil liberties and civil rights issues are at the forefront of our nation's political dialogue. The struggle for marriage equality continues. The right to vote is under assault. Comprehensive immigration reform may soon become a reality,...
The Norman/Friedman Principle: Equal Rights to Information and Technology Access
I. INTRODUCTION. 48II. THE DIGITAL DIVIDE AND THE INFORMATION AGE. 50A. Disability: The Basic Legal Framework. 50B. Being Disabled In a Functional World. 51C. Disabilities in an Inaccessible Age. 53D. The Hastening Pace of Technological Advancements....
The Other 99% of the Expressive Conduct Doctrine: The Occupy Wall Street Movement and the Importance of Recognizing the Contribution of Conduct to Speech
I. INTRODUCTION. 2II. THE OCCUPY WALL STREET MOVEMENT. 9A. The Message of Occupation. 9B. Eviction and Legal Action. 12III. THE EXPRESSIVE CONDUCT DOCTRINE. 13A. A Burning Desire to Express Oneself: United States v. O'Brien. 14B. What is Speech, Anyway?....
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