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Articles from Vol. 61, No. 2, Summer

Beyond a Cutout World: Ethnic Humor and Discursive Integration in South Park
A QUICK SURVEY OF RECENT POPULAR American film and television comedy reveals a trend in the portrayal of racists, racism, and the sorts of stereotypes historically associated with conservative, Eurocentric worldviews. Comedians such as Sarah Silverman,...
Dubbing the Simpsons: Or How Groundskeeper Willie Lost His Kilt in Sardinia
GIVEN THE INTERNATIONAL POPULARITY OF the Simpsons from the 1990s to the present, one might assume that the show does not require significant changes when exported abroad because of the familiarity that audiences worldwide have with the characters. In...
"I Am Not Down with That": King of the Hill and Sitcom Satire
WHEN FOX SENT OUT SCREENING COPIES of King of the Hill prior to its debut in early 1997, included were a couple of curious freebies for critics: a bag of pork rinds and a Weber barbeque grill. In retrospect, this gesture signaled an ambiguous relationship...
SITCOMS HAVE BEEN ONE OF THE MOST popular forms of programming since the earliest days of television. Although pundits periodically proclaim that the genre is dead or dying, it is clear to us that sitcoms are quite healthy. Not only are conventional,...
"Oh Yeah!": Family Guy as Magical Realism?
THE PREMIERE EPISODE OF FAMILY GUY, titled "Death Has a Shadow," was first broadcast on the FOX Network on 31 January 1999, after Super Bowl XXXIII. It begins with patriarch Peter Griffin preparing for the bachelor party of a work colleague and promising...
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