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Articles from Vol. 63, No. 3, Fall

A Proper Dash of Spice: Screwball Comedy and the Production Code
MOST STUDIES OF SCREWBALL HUMOR foCUS on the slapstick violence and eccentric behavior of the lead couple: imperturbable butler Godfrey tossing his scatterbrained charge Irene Bullock into the shower fully clothed in My Man Godfrey (1936); newspaper...
"Something That Is US": Robert Donat, Screen Performance, and Stardom in the 1930s
It's true of all wonderful actors that they somehow are in a complex relationship with stardom, particularly British actors; they think they mistrust it, and they want the regard of their peers. They want to be perceived as actors.Anthony Minghella (qtd....
What the Quiet Man Said: Shifting Contexts and the Polysemy of the Text
From Romanticism to Complexityin 1952, the quiet man was the top-grossing film of John Ford's career. It was nominated for best picture, supporting actor, screenplay, art direction, set design, and sound recording and went on to win Oscars for direction...
Yugoslav Propaganda Film: Early Works (1945-52)
THE BIRTH OFTHE NEW YUGOSLAV COMMUNIST state from the ashes of World War Il announced a new era of the Yugoslav film, its life starting from the whirlpool of the revolution. The devastated country lived to see liberation from the German occupation, but...
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