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Articles from Vol. 62, No. 3, Fall

Framed: Forging Identities in Film Noir
"EVERY PAINTING IS A LOVE AFFAIR." So SayS the cashier and Sunday painter Chris Cross (Edward G. Robinson) in Fritz Lang's Scarlet Street (1945). Cross is explaining his aesthetic principles to Katherine "Kitty" March (Joan Bennett), who later conspires...
Global Subjects in Motion: Strategies for Representing Globalization in Film
Introduction: Film and GlobalizationHOW FILMS ENGAGE GLOBALIZATION IS A question that must be approached on multiple levels. Addressing cinematography and modes of storytelling, we ask how the signs of globalization figure within film texts and what...
Realism and Realistic Representation in the Digital Age
TODAY, WHEN REALISM IN FILM COMMINGLES so frequently with digital technology and is often diluted by the extended use of editing, there is a certain urgency to revisit its established formal practices.The ample potential for image control and manipulation...
The Dance of Suspense: Sound and Silence in North by Northwest
ALFRED HITCHCOCK HAS BEEN FREQUENTLY commended by critics forthe purposeful, intuitive, and effective use of music in his films. Recently, significant attention has been given to his use of músicas an integral component of film's narrative structure....
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