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Articles from Vol. 59, No. 3, Fall

From Celluloid to Video: The Tragedy of the Nigerian Film Industry
IN NIGERIA, CELLULOID DIED A PREMATURE DEATH in the early 1990s. Like a shooting star, it burned itself out because it could not survive in a market determined by the golden rule of supply and demand (Adesanya 15). The film industry was still in its...
Loss and Transformation: Mourning and the Finished People
IF REPRESENTATION CAN BE UNDERSTOOD in relation to the kind of "work" it does, one of the fundamental aspects of this work is the labor of facilitating pleasure, pain, sorrow, or comfort. This essay aims to examine a recent Australian film, The Finished...
"MTV Aesthetics" at the Movies: Interrogating a Film Criticism Fallacy
MTV DEBUTED ON CABLE TELEVISION IN AUGUST of 1981 in only a few US markets, airing music videos introduced by awkward video jockeys. In fact, according to historians of MTV, it was not until January of 1983 that the channel really took off, when it expanded...
The Emerging Video Film Industry in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects
MOTION PICTURES WERE REPORTEDLY FIRST SCREENED IN NIGERIA in August of 1903, when Nigerian nationalist Herbert Macaulay, in association with the Balboa film company of Spain, introduced the new medium to an audience assembled in Glover Memorial Hall...
The Internet and Contemporary Entertainment: Rethinking the Role of the Film Text
IN 2001, JEFF GORDINIER, A WRITER FOR ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, spotted a trend among younger filmmakers working in Hollywood. He claimed that these filmmakers used a diversity of media forms available in consumer culture as a base to reconstruct how a story...
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