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Articles from Vol. 61, No. 4, Winter

Autobiography, Corporeality, Seriality: Nanni Moretti's Dear Diary as a Narrative Archipelago
"I have never understood islands, with all that water around them, poor things. "-Patrizia, gazing out at Lisca Bianca from a luxurious yacht, in Michelangelo Antonioni's L'Avventura (1960)THE PRECEDING LINE OF DIALOGUE, Spoken by a character named Patrizia...
Disappearing into the Distance and Getting Closer All the Time: Vision, Position, and Thought in Kiarostami's the Wind Will Carry Us
ONE DOMINANT THREAD IN DESCRIPTIONS Of postrevolutionary Iranian cinema has been an interest in what we do not see. The relative absence of central female figures from the miseen-scène- or, at least, their veiling- has been the most obvious example,...
How Homo Can Hollywood Be? Remaking Queer Authenticity from to Wong Foo to Brokeback Mountain
"Hollywood is yesterday, forever catching up tomorrow with what's happening today. "-Vito Russo (322-23).THE RESOLUTELY POPULAR CINEMA OF HOLLYWOOD has long played a central part in the very subcultural, communitarian, minoritizing, Masonic impulse of...
The Shape of New Media: Screen Space, Aspect Ratios, and Digitextuality
If everything is manufactured [in digital texts], then everything must be considered.-Katherine Sarafian, Pixar Animation Studios (222)THIS ARTICLE EXAMINES HOW Wl DESCREEN, analog filmmaking strategies such as letter- boxing have become commonplace...
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