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Articles from Vol. 57, No. 3, Fall

From the Indexical to the Spectacle: On Zhang Yimou's Postmodern Turn in Not One Less
ZHANG YIMOU'S NOT ONE LESS (1999) has been seen as a documentary endeavor, one that pushes further the realistic strategy deployed in Qiuju da guansi [Story of Qiu Ju] (1992), in contrast to the highly stylized imagery in his allegorical "Red Trilogy":...
Moviegoing and Golem-Making: The Case of Blade Runner
TO GO TO A FILM IN A CERTAIN MOOD IS to yearn for Eden, the world redeemed beyond decay and the self restored to a grace. Viewed in this light, the exquisite forms on the screen-a Grant or Loy-prove realizations of the potential for truth and beauty...
The Pitfalls of Media "Representations": David Lynch's Lost Highway
There are no paradises other than lost paradises.-BorgesA JAZZ MUSICIAN, FRED MADISON (BILL PULLMAN), catches on to the fact that his wife, Renee (Patricia Arquette), is having an affair. Fred is anxiety-ridden and cannot sleep; he's heading for a psychotic...
The Scream Trilogy, "Hyperpostmodernism," and the Late-Nineties Teen Slasher Film
IN "GENERICITY IN THE NINETIES: ECLECTIC IRONY AND THE NEW SINCERITY," published in 1993, Jim Collins examined a number of popular genre films released in the early 1990s,1 remarking that "what we have seen of postmodernism thus far is really a first...
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