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Articles from Vol. 30, No. 3, Fall

Central Values of Government and Business: Differences, Similarities and Conflicts1
ABSTRACTOver the last decades scholars have been devoting more and more attention to differences and similarities between public and private sector organizations. Relatively underrepresented, when compared to studies on organizational status and management,...
Integrity Systems at Work - Theoretical and Empirical Foundations
There seems to be a growing consensus, both in the academic public administration literature (see e.g. Hondeghem (1998) and Cooper (2001)) and in the more practice oriented literature (see e.g. OECD (2000; 1996)), that a significant shift in public sector...
Not as Easy as It Sounds? Delivering the National Integrity System Approach in Practice - the Case Study of the National Anti-Corruption Programme in Lithuania
ABSTRACTThe article takes forward some of the issues deriving from the Transparency International concept of the National Integrity System [NIS]. The NIS is a framework approach developed by Jeremy Pope when he was with TI that proposes assessing corruption...
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