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Articles from Vol. 37, No. 1, Spring

Collaborative Leadership Development for Local Government Officials: Exploring Competencies and Program Impact
INTRODUCTION One hundred years after Frederick Taylor's seminal work, The Principles of Scientific Management (1911), it is worthwhile to observe how much the concept of leadership has evolved. Core themes of motivation, performance, and human interaction...
Exploring the Links between Passive and Active Representation in Tennessee State Agencies
INTRODUCTION Public administrators play an important role in the institutions and processes which flow from the Constitution. These constitutional institutions and processes are founded on notions of administrators' accountability to democratically...
The Struggle between Traditional and Adopted Public Service Values in China
Governance, culture, and societal development are intertwined because values that are compatible with and supported by the society and grounded in its culture are an essential aspect of good governance. Dissonance between values within and across systems...
The Transparency of County Websites: A Content Analysis
The percentage of the population that is accessing the Internet has continued to grow; therefore, there is an increased expectation for governments to have information and services available to the public via the Internet. A stated benefit of e-government...
Turnover, Voluntary Turnover, and Organizational Performance: Evidence from Municipal Police Departments
INTRODUCTION A traditional assumption of turnover studies is that turnover is an important organizational problem, and therefore, it should be reduced (Staw, 1980, p. 254). According to the human capital theory (G. Becker, 1962; Schultz, 1961),...
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