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Articles from Vol. 41, No. 4, Winter

Assessing Contractor Accountability in the Supreme Court
In 1993, John E. Malesko was assigned to the fifth floor of a halfway house operated by Correctional Services Corporation (CSA), a private corporation under contract with the Bureau of Prisons. Malesko was exempted from the halfway house's policy requiring...
Collaboration Challenges and the Construction of Complex Data Systems: Lessons from the Development of the Illinois Longitudinal Data System
There are an increasing number of policy areas where the successful implementation of public programs and initiatives hinges on the formation and management of networks (Agranoff &McGuire 2003; Ansell & Gash, 2008; Hu, Khosa, & Kapucu,...
The Importance of Being a Policy Implementer
BACKGROUND The Directive Principles of the Constitution define India as a welfare state in which the state plays a key role in the protection and promotion of the economic and social well-being of its citizens. Formulated on the triad of 'provision...
The Varieties of Theory and Their Roles in Public Administration
The truth is that the whole fabric of our knowledge is one matted felt of pure hypothesis... Not the smallest advance can be made in knowledge beyond the stage of vacant staring, without making an abduction at every step. (Peirce, 1901) Claims regarding...
Win-Win Agreements and Public Private Infrastructure Partnerships: Managerial and Governance Concerns
INTRODUCTION This article examines the centrality of negotiating win-win agreements to constructing state and local sector public-private infrastructure partnerships (PPPs) that are both efficient and respectful of public values. Win-win negotiations...
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