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Articles from Vol. 34, No. 2, December

This is the second special edition of Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film, in which the journal makes available, in the form of a complete 'document of performance', material that it is relatively inaccessible or little known for the use of fellow scholars...
Re-Stirring an Old Pot: Adaptation, Reception and the Search for an Audience in Thomas Dixon's Performance Text(s) of the Clansman
Introduction: The Clansman as Process'The Birth of a Nation is an elaborate justification for mass murder.' James Baldwin (46)So much has been written about The Birth of a Nation that it is daunting to report on even the most tangential research associated...
The Clansman: An American Drama1
Office of Alice Kauser1402 BroadwayNew YorkFrom the material of his two novelsThe Leopard's SpotsandThe Clansman2Cast of CharactersIn Order of Their First Appearance.Rev. Ephriam Fox, a Negro exhorterDick, a dark-skinned white manAlec, the Sheriff of...
'Why I Wrote the Clansman'
[from: The Theatre, Vol. VI, no. 59, January 1906, pp. 20-22]The play, 'The Clansman,' which has caused such a great stir in the South, will be presented at the Liberty Theatre, this city, January 8. It deals with one of the gravest questions the American...
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