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Vol. 44, No. 2, Summer

Dying for the Truth: The Concise History of Frontline War Reporting
Moorcraft, Paul. Dying for the Truth: The Concise History of Frontline War Reporting. Barnsley, South Yorkshire, U.K.: Pen and Sword Military, 2016. 358 pp. $34.95.It is, we suggest, time to add a word to the familiar adage about death and taxes being...
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Vol. 43, No. 3, Fall

Ada Patterson
In 1887, New York World reporter Nellie Bly feigned insanity and succeeded in being committed to the women's asylum on Blackwell's Island, New York City.1 Her first-person exposé, "Ten Days in a Mad-House," was so popular it gave rise to "stunt girl"...
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Vol. 42, No. 1, Spring

Adventurer Journalists in the Gilded Age
This is the first issue o/Journalism History overseen by a guest editor. Lee Jolliffe of Drake University proposed and produced a special edition devoted to adventure journalism of the nineteenth century. The staff members (/Journalism History are gratefulfor...
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Hell before Breakfast: America's First War Correspondents Making History and Headlines, from the Battlefields of the Civil War to the Far Reaches of the Ottoman Empire
Patton, Robert H. Hell before Breakfast: Americas First War Correspondents Making History and Headlines, from the Battlefields of the Civil War to the Far Reaches of the Ottoman Empire. New York: Pantheon Books, 2014. 345 pp. $28.95.Readers might mistakenly...
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Vol. 40, No. 4, Winter

The Photographer as Cultural Outsider: Russell Lee's 1949 "Spanish-Speaking People of Texas" Project
On December 8, 1948, Lyle Saunders, a University of Texas sociology professor, wrote to Russell Lee, a former Farm Security Administration (FSA) photographer, to see if Lee would be interested in documenting the lives of post-World War II "Spanish-speaking"...
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Military Life: Coordinating WWII Magazine Publicity by the U.S. Naval Women's Reserve
"At first it would come out, I would say in the movies. And you could see the women marching at Hunter College. And / thought, 'Gee, that's really something.-Dorothy Riley (Dempsey), World War II SPAR1The Navy developed a complex relationship with media...
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From Burma Battles to "The Bright Lights of Brisbane": How an Australian Wartime Prime Minister Won, Lost, and Recaptured American Journalists' Support, 1941 to 1945
As the Australian prime minister (luring the Pacific war, John Curtin expanded his media relations with American journalists to elicit their support for a massive United States effort to defend his country.' Yet there is a lack of research on how Curtin...
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"We Tell the Stories of the People": Toki Schalk Johnson and Hazel Garland Integrating White Spaces While Representing Black Voices
In April 1970, the Women's Press Club of Pittsburgh (WPCP) held an "Old Nostalgia Night" to celebrate the club's older members. A younger member complained loudly, saying, "Oh Lord, not one of those, with old biddies and all that stuff." In response,...
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Coming on like Gang Busters: J. Edgar Hoover's FBI and the Battle to Control Radio Portrayals of the Bureau, 1936-1958
CBS radio listeners who tuned in at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, November 25, 1944, were treated to the dramatic retelling of a 1930s FBI success story, the St. Paul, Minnesota, killing by Bureau agents of Eddie "the Wise" Green, a member of John Dillinger's...
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Between the Novel and the News: The Emergence of American Women's Writing
Edelstein, Sari. Between the Novel and the News: The Emergence of American Womens Writing. Charlottesville: University ofVirginia Press, 2014. 240 pp. $29.50.In a letter published in the Federal Gazette in 1788, essayist Benjamin Rush said newspaper...
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C. Francis Jenkins, Pioneer of Film and Television
Godfrey, Donald G. C. Francis Jenkins, Pioneer of Film and Television. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2014. 304 pp. $50.C. Francis Jenkins had a motto on his laboratory desk, Donald Godfrey tells us: "If a thing is very difficult, it is as good...
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Keepers of the Flame: NFL Films and the Rise of Sports Media
Vogan, Travis. Keepers of the Flame: NFL Films and the Rise of Sports Media. Urbana University of Illinois Press, 2014. 238 pp. $90.Author Travis Vogan writes that sportscaster Bob Costas once said that NFL Films productions "had become more entertaining...
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Vol. 40, No. 3, Fall

Politics Drawn in Black and White: Henry J. Lewis's Visual Rhetoric in Late-1800s Black Editorial Cartoons
When Freedoms Journal debuted in New York on March 16, 1827, as the first newspaper owned and operated by Blacks1 the printed voice that had been conscripted by two hundred years of slavery emerged. After the U.S. Civil War, in the years between 1880...
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Collective Silence: The Australian Press Reporting of Suffering during the World Wars
Australian war correspondent John Hetherington recalled seeing many of his colleagues during World War II "crack under the strain of trying to do their job in the desert and Crete. They were willing enough in heart but could not stay the distance."1...
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"Like Birds Returning to Their Nest": Immigration Narratives and Ideological Constructions in Early Israeli Children's Magazines
Media outlets rarely percieve and present themselves as formal learning tools. However, their consumption evidently involves learning and knowledge-gaining.' Within this context, Adina Bar-El points at the specific role of children's magazines in this...
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Gender and Grand Reporting in Interwar France: Albert Londres and Andrée Viollis in Shanghai
This comparison of a male and a female reporter in interwar France complicates earlier assumptions about gender distinctions in the careers and writing styles of grand reporters in France and raises questions about simple gender distinctions in the study...
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The Journalistic Value of Emerging Technologies American Press Reaction to Newsreels during WWII
The screen is black. Menacing music begins. Then words appear: "THE CAPTURE OF TARAWA FROM JAPAN," and "Dramatic films of the bloodiest battle in the Pacific in which U.S. Marines win vital Jap base in 76 hours!" What follows is a narrative account of...
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Promoting the Image of the United Nations: Kofi Annan's Celebrity Ambassador Program and World Summit
As the United Nations was formed with the idea that it should take the main role in maintaining international peace and security, significant global conflicts such as those in Somalia and Bosnia under Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghalis era of 1992...
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The African American Press in World War II: Toward Victory at Home and Abroad
Alkebulan, Paul. The African American Press in World War II: Toward Victory at Home and Abroad. Lanham, Md.: Lexington Books, 2014. 176 pp. $80.In the past thirty years, the two areas in mass communication history that have had the largest increase in...
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Sylvia Porter: America's Original Personal Finance Columnist
Lucht, Tracy. Sylvia Porter: America's Original Personal Finance Columnist. Syracuse, N.Y.: Syracuse University Press, 2013.248 pp. $24.95.Sylvia Porter, like the rare woman who succeeded in the male-dominated field of sports journalism, paved new ground...
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The Food Section: Newspaper Women and the Culinary Community
Voss, Kimberly Wilmot. The Food Section: Newspaper Women and the Culinary Community. Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield, 2014. 243 pp. $38.Kimberly Wilmot Voss's The Food Section is in many ways a biography: It tells a seemingly innocent tale of a...
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