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Articles from Vol. 84, No. 3, February

Do the Swift Boat Vets Need to MoveOn? the Role of 527s in Contemporary American Democracy*
"These 527 groups are not accused of paying off politicians, peddling influence or benefiting from corruption. Their chief sin is that they've mobilized citizens to contribute money to advance their political convictions. In a democracy, that should...
Rational Reviews, Irrational Results*
There are problems with deciding cases based on factors not encompassed by the applicable standards. First, the approach is rudderless, affording no notice to interested parties of the standards governing particular cases and giving no firm guidance...
Rescue without Law: An Empirical Perspective on the Duty to Rescue
"I have always depended on the kindness of strangers."1For almost two centuries, legal scholarship on the duty to rescue has proceeded on a sophisticated theoretical plane. Proponents of a duty to rescue have argued that it will increase the frequency...
Speech and Spatial Tactics
As the Supreme Court has observed on many occasions, "First Amendment freedoms need breathing space to survive."1 This is so in the quite literal sense that the exercise of expressive rights requires adequate physical space. Given its primacy, it is...
The Legacy of Jim Crow: The Enduring Taboo of Black-White Romance
The Legacy of Jim Crow: The Enduring Taboo of Black-White RomanceDEAR SENATOR: A MEMOIR BY THE DAUGHTER OF STROM THURMOND. By Essie Mae Washington-Williams & William Stadiem. New York: Regan Books, 2005. Pp. 223. $24.95.UNFORGIVABLE BLACKNESS: THE...
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