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Articles from Vol. 87, No. 6, May

Institutional Rights, Individual Litigants: Standing to Sue under the Press Clause*
I. IntroductionThe Supreme Court has produced countless opinions interpreting the Speech Clause of the First Amendment,1 but it has had remarkably little to say about the Press Clause's command that "Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom...
Rethinking Adequacy of Representation
Class representatives and class counsel must adequately represent the members of a class. This principle forms the foundation for the modern American class action, and it determines the structure of Rule 23 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and...
Ripping Holes in the Dragnet: The Failings of U.C.C. § 9-204(c) as Applied to Consumer Transactions*
I. Introduction: Hello Visa, Goodbye CarA man walks into a bank and says, "I need a car loan." The banker says, "Sure, just sign this security agreement." The man signs, the bank gives him the loan, and he buys the car. A year later, the bank sends him...
The Limits of Administrative Guidance in the Interpretation of Tax Treaties
This Article addresses the increasingly important role of administrative guidance in interpreting the United States' international treaty obligations. The relationship between administrative guidance and treaties raises important issues at the intersection...
The Vanishing Book Review in Student-Edited Law Reviews and Potential Responses
I. Introduction: The shrinkage of the "book review issue" of the University of Michigan Law Review as the most dramatic symptom of a national diseaseRoughly a decade ago, University of Michigan law professor Carl Schneider published an interesting essay1...
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