Journal of Electronic Commerce Research

Publication focuses on topics related to electronic commerce, including their theoretical foundations, infrastructure, and core enabling technologies.

Articles from Vol. 7, No. 2, 2006

Core Capabilities for Exploiting Electronic Banking
ABSTRACTNew information technologies and emerging business forces have triggered a new wave of financial innovation - electronic banking (e-banking). This study utilizes an innovation model to analyze the impact of e-banking on the incumbent banks. The...
The Influence of Perceived Risks on Banking Managers' Intention to Outsource Business Processes: A Study of the German Banking and Finance Industry
ABSTRACTInformation Technology (IT) is a key productive factor in the banking and finance industry (BFI) as almost the entire production and delivery of services can in principle be digitized. Driven by cost pressure and new competitors, outsourcing...
The Relativity of Disruption: E-Banking as a Sustaining Innovation in the Banking Industry
ABSTRACTClayton Christensen's Disruptive Innovation Theory (DIT) is one of the most renowned frameworks in strategic management. One important question discussed in the context of this theory is whether the Internet and also the business models of pure...
Understanding Consumer Adoption of Internet Banking: An Interpretive Study in the Australian Banking Context
ABSTRACTThis paper reports key findings from an interpretive study of Australian banking consumer experiences with the adoption of internet banking. The paper provides an understanding of how and why specific factors affect the consumer decision whether...
What Keeps the E-Banking Customer Loyal? a Multigroup Analysis of the Moderating Role of Consumer Characteristics on E-Loyalty in the Financial Service Industry
ABSTRACTAt first sight the Internet is the ideal medium for carrying out banking activities due to its cost savings potential and speed of information transmission. From a technological and cost-driven standpoint it may seem quite logical for banks to...
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