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Articles from Vol. 24, No. 3, 2013

Conflict between Work and Life: The Case of Contract Workers in the German IT and Media Sectors
Many studies examine issues of work-life conflict of employees. However, in research on work-life conflict little attention has been given to contract workers to date. This is rather surprising as there are indications that the specific working conditions...
Employment-Related Demands and Resources - New Ways of Researching Stress in Flexible Work Arrangements
Research into the relation between flexible work and health and well-being has been inconclusive so far. In this paper, empirical evidence is provided for the employment relationship as a new source of stress in flexible work. Employment-related demands...
Patterns of Organizational Flexibility in Knowledge-Intensive Firms - Going beyond Existing Concepts
We analyze patterns of flexible employment among the highly qualified workforce in knowledge-intensive firms. Our conceptual starting point is the Flexible Firm that can be traced back to Atkinson. On the basis of a qualitative field study in ten organizations,...
The Implications of Flexible Work: Membership in Organizations Revisited
The erosion of standard forms of employment is creating new needs and management requirements in organizations. This article examines the polarization within the workforce. The classical approach of the core and marginal workforce based on the work of...
Theory and Practice of Flexible Work: Organizational and Individual Perspectives. Introduction to the Special Issue
IntroductionOver the last decades, scholars have paid consistent attention to the concepts of flexible work. This reflects the growing relevance of flexible work patterns in practice. The general assumption is that flexible work arrangements enable an...
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