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Articles from Vol. 29, No. 2, 2018

Digital Transformations in Healthcare Professionals' Work: Dynamics of Autonomy, Control and Accountability **
IntroductionDigital technologies have a decisive impact on contemporary working life and how it is managed. In this context, the manner how digital technologies change the monitoring and controlling of work is an important theoretical and practical concern...
Fear for Doocing and Digital Privacy in the Workplace: A Dual Pathway Model **
IntroductionThe pervasiveness of the new technologies is occupying the professional environment. In particular, social media use and its consequences on occupational life have been studied from different points of view: the creation of an organizational...
How Does the Digital Transformation Affect Organizations? Key Themes of Change in Work Design and Leadership **
IntroductionAs technology is rapidly progressing, present-day organizations are confronted with massive changes (Colbert, Yee, & George, 2016). In the current era of ubiquitous computing, starting around the year 2013, information and communication...
Ida Tarbell and the Possibility of Progressive Business **
Introduction'In democratic societies where policies largely reflect public opinion, the general interpretation of the social role of the corporation directly affects the overall organization of society, and potentially the life prospects of all who depend...
Introduction: Digital Working Life Continuation
This issue continues the major topic 'Digital Working Life' started with management revue - Socio-Economic Studies, 28(3). The question, how the digital transformation affects organizations, opens the discussion. Tanja Schwarzmüller, Prisca Brosi, Denis...
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