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Founded in 1957, Philosophy Today is a quarterly magazine published by DePaul University. The magazine has a circulation of over 1,000 readers and specializes in information on contemporary philosophy and philosophers. The Editor of the magazine is David W. Pellauer.

Articles from Vol. 41, No. 4, Winter

Coping with Postmodernism: Christian Comedy and Tragedy
Umberto Eco's brilliant and successful novel The Name of the Rose is about the discovery of a concealed manuscript, Aristotle's Poetics II regarding the nature of comedy, and the controversy and murderous intrigue it provokes in a medieval monastery...
Incommensurable Phrases and Narrative Discourse: Lyotard and Arendt on the Possibility of Politics
When Jean-Francois Lyotard writes of the differend, he is speaking of an incommensurability "between (at least) two parties, that cannot be equitably resolved for lack of a rule of judgment applicable to both arguments." Unlike litigation, in the case...
Over-Writing the Body: Virtual Reality and Cartesian Metaphysics
Reality is already "virtual." Our world is bathed and reflected in the blue light of video; in the glow of our monitors we immerse ourselves in the latest software and games; we thrill at our new deftness in surfing the net. And even when we are not...
Revisiting Anarchy: Toward a Critical Appropriation of Reiner Schurmann's Thought
In recognizing Reiner Schurmann's legacy, I wish to reconsider the impact of his work. My ultimate aim, however, is to employ his insights as a springboard for new "thought-experiments."1 In his monumental essay On Being and Acting: From Principles to...
The Art of Doubting: Merleau-Ponty and Cezanne
Merleau-Ponty's essay, "Cezanne's Doubt,"1 appeared in December of 1945, the same year he published his Phenomenology of Perception, which would become a classic manifesto of "existential phenomenology," and collaborated with Jean-Paul Same to found...
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