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Articles from Vol. 21, No. 2, December

Depending on Experience
"It Depends" is frequently one of the first answers teachers give when questioned about their decisions based on their teaching experiences. An understanding and acceptance of the contingent nature of the work of teaching is basic to development in the...
Four Family Process Factors Predicting Academic Achievement in Sixth and Seventh Grade
Four family process factors--parental expectations, parental interest, parental involvement, and family communication--were assessed for their impact on the grades and achievement test scores of 300 students in 6th and 7th grade, using a longitudinal...
Oral Communication Skills Necessary for Successful Teaching: The Students' Perspective
In a recent article in this journal Willmington (1992) contrasts the perceived importance of communication skills considered to be necessary for teachers in the opinion of school administrators. Few would argue with Willmington's claim that oral communication...
Twenty-Five Years of Data on Educational Funding and Student Achievement: What Does It Mean?
Research conducted over the past 25 years on the relationship between the funding of education and student achievement is analyzed and synthesized. Most of this research has been conducted by economists using production functions (a form of linear regression)...
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