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Articles from Vol. 22, No. 3, March

A Principal Components Analysis of Latent Structures of Mission Involvement and Promotion Criteria as Perceived by Education Faculty Members in Three Types of Institutions
In educational practice and research there is an assumption that the structure underlying faculty members ' mission involvement and reward structure is invariant. By conducting principal components analyses on data collected during the Study of Education...
Personality Variables in Levels of Predicted and Actual Test Anxiety among College Students
Anxiety is widely recognized as a significant contributor to performance in both sport (Cox, 1994; Hanin, 1986; Raglin, 1992) and academic (Anson, Berstein & Hobfoll, 1984; Poorman & Martin, 1991; Godbey & Courage 1994; Grinnell & Kyte,...
Principals' Control over School Policy: Results of a Statewide Survey
Many studies have documented the pivotal role of the principal in the implementation of school-level organizational change (Robertson et al., 1995; Wohlstetter, 1995). Whether or not school-based management (henceforth, SBM) is successful in any given...
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