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Articles from Vol. 27, No. 4, June

An Anecdotal Comparison of Three Teaching Methods Used in the Presentation of Microeconomics
AbstractThis article reports a judgment sampling of microeconomics student scores. The material was presented in three distinctive, independent sets: (1) discussion, exclusively, (2) lecture, exclusively and (3) lecture with embedded discussion. The...
As Achievement Sails the River of Time: The Role of Time Use Efficiency in Grade-Point-Average
AbstractKelly (2002) theorized that time me efficiency would be associated with increased performance and achievement. To investigate this possibility among college students, 141 advanced undergraduates were administered the Time Use Efficiency Scale...
Differing Faculty Perceptions of Research and Teaching Emphasis
AbstractIn almost every college or university in today 's world, almost all faculty members are expected to be involved in some type of research activities in addition to teaching. Certainly the types of research differ among the various disciplines,...
High School Dropouts: Implications for Economic Development in West Virginia
AbstractAn ordinary least squares (OLS) regression method was used to evaluate the relative importance of high school dropout rates and other economic factors that could explain the economic development in West Virginia, as represented by the employment...
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