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Articles from Vol. 21, No. 3, March

Beyond Classroom Description: Methods of Understanding Reflection and Beliefs in Mathematics Teaching
In the present study I examine two methods of unpacking teacher's mathematics-content/pedagogy beliefs and their instructional decisionmaking The study took place over the course of a school year. For each the two participants, I observed & videotaped...
In Search of Content Area Reading Instruction: The Role of Science Classrooms
Holliday (1984) has argued that science educators too frequently dismiss instructional questions related to reading and science textbooks and thus exacerbate the gap between reading research and the teaching of science. To bridge this gap, he calls science...
Parents', Teachers' and Administrators' Perceptions of the Process of Inclusion
AA survey was conducted in three Pennsylvania school districts (Fayette Count for purposes of determining parents teachers and administrators perceptions of the inclusion process. When 10 item questionnaires developed by the co-author (Lombardi. 1994...
Practical Considerations for Conducting Delphi Studies: The Oracle Enters a New Age
Delphi studies seem to be making a resurgence in popularity. Two separate Delphi studies were conducted by the authors, and although the two studies were strategically similar to other Delphi research efforts, the authors ' Delphi studies added new dimensions...
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