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Articles from Vol. 25, No. 4, June

A Multicultural Science Curriculum: Fact or Fantasy?
This article explores the possibilities and benefits of developing a multicultural science curriculum using Aboriginal input through factual disclosure, and metaphorically in literature. Environmental concerns are cited. Science curricula used presently...
Longitudinal Study of Career Productivity of the Most Prolific Science Education Researchers
The major purpose of this study was to compare the research productivity of the most prolific science education researchers for 1980-84 with their 1990-94 productivity. A total of 28 researchers' vitas were analyzed for the above attributes. There was...
Peer Tutoring and the Self-Instructional Module
The present study is an exploration into the area of individualization of instruction which is now considered to be one of the keys to effective learning. Peer tutoring and the self-instructional module are two main strategies for individualization of...
Science and Mathematics, Schools and Universities: Natural Partners
Connecting science to mathematics content, in-service education to classroom practice and instruction to assessment strategies are keys to strengthening and enhancing learning at all levels of education. These links are critically important to improving...
Support for Innovation in Site-Based-Managed Schools: Developing a Climate for Change
Schools that use site-based management depend on teachers to introduce and implement educational innovations. Teachers' motivation, commitment, and involvement in change-related activities are conditioned, in part, by perceptions of the school environment...
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