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Articles from Vol. 28, No. 2, December

Characteristics and Perceived Effectiveness of Staff Development Practices in Selected High Schools in South Dakota
The purpose of this study was to determine the characteristics and perceived effectiveness of staff development practices in selected high schools in South Dakota. The review of literature and research related to staff development examined the following...
Curriculum Articulation and Transitioning Student Success: Where Are We Going Wrong and What Lessons Have We Learned?
The University of Wisconsin System and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction have been involved in a multi-year program starting in 1998, one goal of the program has been aligning curricula within the K-16 system of education in Wisconsin. The...
Increasing Academic Motivation and Cognition in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics: Meaning-Making Strategies
The Cognitive Approach to Teaching and LearningThe cognitive approach to teaching is a learner-centered approach that takes into consideration the environment or situational context in which the learner learns, the learner's knowledge base (as differences...
The Truth Behind Truancy: Student Rationales for Cutting Class
In a survey on attitudes toward skipping class given to 75 undergraduates at a prominent state university in the Midwest, 84% of 38 respondents answered that they have been or may be inclined to skip a class because of reasons associated with "health":...
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