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Articles from Vol. 30, No. 2, December

A Case Study: Using Geographic Information Systems for Education Policy Analysis
Effective exploration of spatially referenced educational achievement data can help educational researchers and policy analysis accelerate interpretation of datasets to gain valuable insights. This paper illustrates the use of Geographic Information...
A Comparative Analysis of Different Models Explaining the Relationship between Instructor Ratings and Expected Student Grades
The widespread use of student evaluations to rate faculty has raised the question of whether high student evaluations can be gained simply through the process of faculty giving higher grades to students, or whether learning of students is a critical...
Make More in Retirement Than When You Worked
Most people don't think about retirement much in the early years of their career. I only began to think seriously about my retirement when I was in my mid 50's and then I did everything I could to maximize the pensions and now I collect seven pensions!What...
The Importance of Interpersonal Relations in Adult Literacy Programs
In 2002-03, a qualitative case study explored the perspectives of 70 stakeholders connected to two community-based adult literacy programs in Manitoba, Canada. Four themes emerged from within-case and cross-case analyses of the data: program design,...
Utilizing Modality Theory to Achieve Academic Success
Education accompanied by social mobility is the cornerstone of the American dream. Yet, each year scores of children, especially those from the underprivileged class, fail to meet even the most modest academic expectations and subsequently never reach...
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