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Articles from Vol. 23, No. 3, March

Are Values Missing Randomly in Survey Research?
Many missing data studies have simulated data, randomly deleted values, and investigated which method of handling the missing values would most closely approximate the original data. Regression procedures have emerged as the most recommended methods....
A Three State Examination of School Board Evaluations of Superintendents
The purpose of this study was to determine factors related to the evaluation of superintendents in three mid western states: Illinois, Missouri, and Texas. The survey instrument was administered to 138 Public School District superintendents. The focus...
I Know What I Know: A Study of Gender Differences in Item-Specific Confidence
A number of studies, in variety of situations, suggest that women are less confident in their personal ability than men (Sadker & Sadker, 1994). Most studies of gender differences in confidence take a generalized approach asking subjects to take...
School Performance: Correlation of Aggregate School District Performance with Teacher Attitudes in Sixty-Two Pennsylvania School Districts
The school district-wide performance ofstudents in 62 school districts in Pennsylvania in reading, mathematics, analytic thinking, and writing was correlated with aggregate measures of teacher perceptions and satisfaction. Using a conservative alpha...
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