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Articles from Vol. 31, No. 3, March

A Comparison of Beginning and Experienced Teachers' Concerns
Over the past thirty years, numerous studies confirmed that new teachers do not have the requisite knowledge to understand the complex interrelationships among management, behavior, and academic tasks. An important missing piece in the literature is...
Admission Policies and the Quality of University Education in Nigeria
The population of Nigeria is 140 million according to the last 2006 census. Only 75 Universities are available to cater to this population with one University for 1,866,000 people. The inability of the available Universities in Nigeria to cope with the...
Concerns about Teaching Process: Student Teachers' Perspective
The aim of this study is to determine the student teachers' concerns about the teaching process including the teaching profession, teaching methods, planning, instruction, evaluation and classroom management. A total of 156 student teachers from five...
The Effects That Family Members and Peers Have on Students' Decisions to Drop out of School
In 2003, a study of two Canadian adult literacy programs included 37 learners who revealed a variety of reasons for having dropped out of school as teenagers and younger adults. Chief among these were the influences of parents, siblings, and peers both...
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