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Articles from Vol. 33, No. 1, September

A Confirmatory Factor Analytic Study of the Goal Orientation Theory of Motivation in Educational Leadership
The goal orientation theory of motivation posits sets of beliefs people hold regarding their goals. The 2 × 2 model of goal orientations has received almost no attention in the domain of educational leadership. The present researchers used a confirmatory...
Gentrification, Schooling and Social Inequality
Tracking or the separation of students by ability and curriculum is pervasive in American schooling despite the fact that contemporary research has associated this educational structure with negative student outcomes. Opponents of tracking contend that...
Problem Solving Style, Creative Thinking, and Problem Solving Confidence
Forty-two undergraduate and graduate students completed VIEW: An Assessment of Problem Solving Style, the non-verbal Torrance Test Thinking Creatively with Pictures, and the Problem Solving Inventory (PSI). VIEW assesses individuals' orientation to change,...
Teachers' Opinions of School Counseling Programs in Nigerian Secondary Schools
Secondary school teachers' opinions about their school counseling programs were investigated. The teachers were asked how they perceived the school counseling services being implemented in their schools, and how they rate the counseling activities provided...
Through the Eyes of the Beholders: Adult Literacy Students' Recollections of Regular School
In 2003, 37 adult literacy students were interviewed within the context of a qualitative study of two community-based adult literacy programs in Manitoba, Canada. In addition to sharing their perspectives on these programs, the students proffered information...
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