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Articles from Vol. 26, No. 1, September

Action Research.Organizational Intelligence.Curriculum Development
Organizational Intelligence is the combination of the whole skills required and used by organizations to exist. These skills are; being adaptable to changes, being rapid in action and reaction, being flexible comfortable ,being sensitive are institute...
Common Methodological, Analytical, and Interpretational Errorsin Published Educational Studies: An Analysis of the 1998 Volume of the British Journal of Educational Psychology
The purpose of the present study was to identify and to discuss the major analytical and interpretational errors that occur regularly in quantitative and qualitative educational research. To this end, all 36 research articles published in the 1998 volume...
Selecting a Quantitative or Qualitative Research Methodology: An Experience
Olusegun A. Sogunro, Central Connecticut State University The selection of an appropriate research method has always been a dilemma for many researchers and evaluators. While the quantitative-- qualitative research debate ravages, what is obvious is...
The Impact of Looping and Non-Looping Classroom Environments on Parental Attitudes
This study examined the effects of looping (teachers remaining with a core group of students for multiple years) in the educational community -- in particular, the effects looping may have on parent perceptions of the educational environment. A survey...
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