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Articles from Vol. 29, No. 4, June

Reforming the Discipline Management Process in Schools: An Alternative Approach to Zero Tolerance
AbstractThere is a need for educational reform of zero tolerance policies in school disciplinary management procedures. Zero tolerance policies are rigid mandates of predetermined consequences for specific student misconduct. Common sense and fairness...
Self-Directed Learning by Undereducated Adults
AbstractIn 2002-03, a qualitative study examined the experiences of 70 stakeholders connected to two community-based adult literacy programs in Manitoba, Canada. Self-directed learning was one of several elements that these research participants considered...
Teaching Effectiveness and Student Achievement: Examining the Relationship
IntroductionTwo decades after the report "A Nation at Risk" by National Commission on Excellence in Education (A Nation at Risk: The imperative of educational reform, 1983), education professionals are still struggling with the issue of improving academic...
The Impact of Perceptions on Conflict Management
AbstractThis article describes research that explored student and teacher perceptions and management of conflict within the primary school context. It was found that both teachers and students shared similarities in their views of conflict and in their...
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