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Articles from Vol. 30, No. 4, June

Citizenship Education: Current Perspectives from Teachers in Three States
IntroductionIn the minds of many educators, students, and concerned citizens, the nature and purpose of public education in the United States has undergone several prominent shifts in recent years. Given sufficient time and support, some of these events...
Peripatetic Journeyings Hither and Thither
When I entered education S1 years ago, it was common practice for administrators at all levels to remain in their position for 20, 30, or more years until they retired from that position. These administrators are called Place Bound in the Literature.However,...
Teacher Perceptions and Attitudes about Teaching Statistics in P-12 Education
The teaching of statistics at the elementary and secondary level is a relatively new expansion of the curriculum. Considering the many challenges faced by teachers of statistics in higher education, there is a continuing need to evaluate and monitor...
The Supervisory Role of the National Universities Commission and the Management of Universities in the South-South Zone of Nigeria
Issues such as financial autonomy, academic autonomy and administrative autonomy are crucial to the effective management of university education globally. For many years Nigerian universities have complained of being impeded in these areas because of...
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