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Articles from Vol. 32, No. 1, September

Enhancing Excellence and Equity in Schooling: Modality Theory, an International Perspective
This international research examines the learning style preferences of Taiwanese students by gender and age in an attempt to determine which of the five learning style stimuli (environmental, emotional, sociological, physiological and psychological)...
How Geographic Location Plays a Role within Instruction: Venturing into Both Rural and Urban Elementary Schools
Students within various geographic locations have specific knowledge, previous experiences, and ways of life. Each of these plays a critical role in how students learn and therefore, how teachers guide their instruction to meet their students' educational...
Student Attitudes towards Group Work among Undergraduates in Business Administration, Education and Mathematics
Group work is a widely used teaching technique in higher education. Faculty find themselves utilising this method in their classes more and more, yet few studies examine what students actually think about group work. The current study surveyed Mathematics,...
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