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Articles from Vol. 30, No. 1, September

Bullying in Schools: A Form of Child Abuse in Schools
Child abuse is largely recognized as a significant issue within the school system and the larger society. In the schools, incidents of child abuse can take any of physical, sexual and psychological forms. This paper would restrict itself to bullying,...
Indiscipline in Political Parties: Bane of Democratic Consolidation and Good Governance in Nigeria
Indiscipline in political parties is antithetic to democratic consolidation and good governance in Nigeria. This article looks at the reasons and provides examples of actions of indiscipline in political parties in Nigeria and recommends that: the party...
The Relationship between Organizational Health and Robust School Vision in Elementary Schools
Teachers play an important role in developing a robust school vision This study is aimed to find out the likely relationship between the teachers' perception of school health and a robust school vision. It has been found that there is a significant positive...
The Value of Extracurricular Support in Increased Student Achievement: An Assessment of a Pupil Personnel Model Including School Counselors and School Psychologists concerning Student Achievement as Measured by an Academic Performance Index
This study examined two models of extra-curricular support for enhancing the academic achievement of students as measured by state mandated test scores. One management model includes the use of school counselors as enhancers of the educational process...
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