International Journal of Business and Society

A biannual journal of scholarly works in business and economics. Published by University Malaysia Sarawak.

Articles from Vol. 6, No. 1, January

Consumers' Responses to Corporate Philanthropy: Are They Willing to Make Trade-Offs?
ABSTRACTMore and more companies are allocating part of their budgets to supporting good causes through corporate philanthropy. This approach implies a social concern for communities and, at the same time, a concern for their corporate economic performance...
Does Targeting Really Work? the Perspective of a Dominant Ethnic Group
ABSTRACTThere have been numerous calls to target specific ethnic groups but there are a limited number of studies that show quantitatively the reaction of targeted groups. This study specifically sets out to demonstrate quantitatively the views of a...
Employment Diversification and Off-Farm Earnings in Rural China: A Case Study of Liaoning Province
ABSTRACTThis article examines the determinants of, and remuneration to, a variety of offfarm activities (OFAs) in northeast rural China during the late 1990s. The question is addressed by means of a dedicated fieldwork survey of 450 rural households...
Nonlinear Adjustment of Real Exchange Rates towards Purchasing Power Parity and the Asian Financial Crisis
ABSTRACTThis paper investigates the underlying dynamics of the adjustment process of the deviations of two selected ASEAN exchange rates from the long-run equilibrium level as suggested by the well-known purchasing power parity (PPP) hypothesis. To accomplish...
Openness, Financial Development and Economic Growth in Malaysia
(ProQuest Information and Learning: ... denotes text missing in the original.)I. INTRODUCTIONMalaysia is a small open economy. The openness of the Malaysian economy to international trade in terms of total trade to gross domestic product (GDP) has increased...
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