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International Journal of Action Research is an academic journal focusing on International Action Research

Articles from Vol. 9, No. 3, 2013

The present issue of the International Journal of Action Research presents articles from a variety of social contexts and theoretical perspectives. This is quite in line with action research and especially with this journal's guidelines, as stated in...
Self-Reflections, Teaching, and Learning in a Graduate Cultural Pluralism Course
Using symbolic interaction as an interpretive framework, our participatory action research (PAR) project challenged students in Cultural Pluralism, a 2009 graduate level summer course, to wrestle with identity issues pertinent to teaching in a pluralistic...
Stable Flexibility - Long-Term Strategic Use of Temporary Agency Workers in Sweden
The use of temporary agency workers is closely linked to the concept of numerical flexibility, entailing a need for additional staff in booms. However, previous research has also revealed a trend towards a more extensive and constant use of temporary...
Upstream Thinking, Reversals, and Bortoft's New Realm of Inquiry into Different Possible Ways of Our Being Human
'This book is about a different way of thinking" (Bortoft, 2012, p. 10)."A change in the way of seeing means a change in what is seen" (Bortoft, 1996, p. 143)."What is said does not encapsulate its own meaning, as if it could be fully understood independently...
What Will I Do? toward an Existential Ethics for First Person Action Research Practice
How first person practice engages with the process of valuing has not received much attention in action research. This article takes the question, 'what will I do?' as the foundation for first person ethical inquiry. It explores the process of how we...
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