JITTA : Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application

A quarterly journal of theory and application of concepts in information systems. Published by the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.

Articles from Vol. 12, No. 2, June

Editorial: Two Articles Focusing on the Internet
THE CURRENT ISSUEIn this issue we publish two very different articles that both study aspects of the Internet. The first examines banner advertisements in political Weblogs. The author utilized social network analysis to study a large number of banner...
Pricing Banner Advertisements in a Social Network of Political Weblogs
Abstract:This paper employs social network analysis to explain variation in the pricing of 846 banner advertisements appearing in a community formed by eighty-nine "liberal" and eighty-four "conservative" Weblogs. As predicted, Weblogs that bridge "structural...
Understanding the Influence of Espoused Culture on Acceptance of Online Services in a Developing Country
Abstract:The acceptance of any technology in developing countries cannot be taken for granted given the fact that these technologies are imported from developed countries and may have been designed without any consideration of the cultural values of...
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